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I know that a lot has been written about it, but for some odd reason I am compelled to put my two cents in. The topic? That song by Rebecca Black. Friday. It’s been hailed by some critics are the worst song EVER. What do they know? Have they listened to every single song ever written or recorded? No.

Every once in a while, some bizarre musical oddity comes along that people feel compelled to collectively hate. Do I hate it? No, not really. But, I don’t love it either. The melody is kind of catchy. It’s eerily reminiscent of Justin Bieber’s Baby, in a Twilight Zone sort of way. I suppose that under different circumstances (different lyrics or singer) it would probably go unnoticed. But, all of the right ingredients were thrown into the pot to make it so popular/unpopular.

Since today is Friday, I decided to go onto YouTube and give it another listen. It has over 70,000 million views. It’s the only video that I have ever seen with over one million dislikes. While I was watching it I noticed how hypnotic it was. It kind of puts you in a trance. It does me anyway. I’ve probably watched it about 7 times. Every single time that the video has ended, my mouth has been in the agape position.

If I didn’t know any better, I would say that it is some kind of mind control experiment akin to MKUltra.

I kind of feel sorry for her though. She has really gotten a lot of crap. I mean, all she wanted to do was have her mom fork over some money so that she could make a little video. There are tons of people on Youtube with homemade songs a lot worse than hers. Why is hers so popular? Why did she get all of the notoriety? Beats me.


Written by ibob1

April 1, 2011 at 1:06 pm

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